H50h S4 Hot Topless Steve Picspam


14 thoughts on “H50h S4 Hot Topless Steve Picspam

          1. Too much chocolate would make you sick hahahahahaha

            It would be boring to have a topless Steve in every episode in the first 5 minutes… Maybe after 20 minutes.. 😉


          2. Heh, you sound convincing but still… But sure, it could be like five minutes, then twenty, then ten… For a change. Also, he could stay nekkid in the whole epi one time. Would THAT make you sick too? 😉


          3. In a whole episode??? uhm… No, don’t think so *lol* But I would still love to see a whole SEAL episode. Wet,sandy, camo, 🙂


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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