H50h 4.13 Mini-Recap/Picspam: Finding Steve

Chinchin has huge biceps. Chinchin’s wife has been resurrected. Chinchin’s wife’s brother is a thieving cop killer and cartel king. Danno went missing. (Which may or may not be related.) Steve got lost and found. And I don’t know how it ended.

It’s a middle of the night. Here and in Hawaii alike. An amateur thief walks in a grocery shop, collects cash and shoots a cop on the go. The cop is Officer Kelly. (That’s what they say, but I can’t confirm because they only show a random pair of splayed legs.) The legs are not moving. Not surprisingly.

The present day. The cop that was shot died and it was Chinchin’s father. This was several years ago. Now Chinchin is being subjected to some kind of inquisition. (Is he a suspected wizard? I thought they already caught and hanged and quartered and burnt at stake and drowned Harry Potter for this?) But Chinchin is apparently suspected of covering the killing of his father. WHAT? Why? Also, whatsapp?

A few days ago. I’m already getting lost in a spatiotemporal black hole. The Five-Ohs are investigating a case of torture. (NOT the Harry Potter torture described in gory detail above.) The suspect is one Gabriel Waitwhat Orsomething. He’s Chinchin’s bro-in-law. (What does that even mean? Is it like his wife’s brother? And isn’t it conflict of interest? Ah! That must be why Chinchin is under inquisition…)

Some time in the spatiotemporal black hole. Chinchin’s father is dead and is being buried. Steve’s father, who is also dead, is alive and is giving a funeral speech. I’m confused. There’s a strangely familiar lady in black standing behind Chinchin and eyeing him. Ah!! Chinchin calls the lady Kono! She’s been made ridiculously and unrecognisably young, while Chinchin looks all the same all these years.

Another time in the spatiotemporal black hole. Chinchin is trying to talk some sense in his wife’s brother, who stole a car. It’s not so much about the theft – which we could get over – as about getting caught, which is outright dumb, Chinchin says. (No, he doesn’t.) The brother, who may or may not be called Waitwhat, promises to be a good boy but obviously plans to graduate to stealing a truck.

Some time, some place. Steve’s father and Chinchin are collaborating on the case. (Don’t ask me WHICH case, I got lost in the plot.) Enter Kono, dressed like a Japanese anime character, and yells, I’m Korean! (No, she doesn’t.) She sees a cartel tattoo at the cops’ Pininterest and says, Aaww, that’s cool, Waitwhat just got one of these! Chinchin doesn’t think it cool and runs out to strip Waitwhat. (Wish he stripped Steve.)

Waitwhat *looks innocently around* but the Five Ohs identify him as a cartel head and as the freak who tortured their vic (and Harry Potter). And it’s the return of the white pants! Hurry up, Steve on the screen!! #TeamWhitePants enters the suspect’s house and there’s a shoot-out. Chinchin chases Waitwhat on the roof and shoots him in his leg because he hates him something fierce. Steve approves.

The inquisition has moved on to Kono. She’s giving the grumpy guys attitude. But they must be used to it, as Chinchin has been killing them with his eyes ever since they started and they’re still not dead. Then Steve struts in the room with his legs astride, smiles ironically and flickers his green eyes at the inquisitors. He speaks in defence of Chinchin, whom he won’t have crucified, but I’m too distracted to notice.

The committee doesn’t conclude anything. (Or it does, but I’ve lost interest.) I wonder where Steve was hiding most of this epi and if Danno is dead. Chinchin is standing in front of a seascape wallpaper and staring in a spatiotemporal tunnel. He recalls meeting his future (past?) wife and doesn’t cry. But I do. Done.


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