Post of the Week: FUCUP Multiples & Co

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. This time let’s have some fun with search terms!

Below are actual search terms that brought people to this blog. Coz some people’s searches are hysterically hilarious!

1 alex o’loughlin feet

Feet p0rn! Heymomo, is it you? Whoever you are, I hope you *come* here satisfied. So do Alex’s feet and hopefully his other bodily parts, too 😉 !

Find bonus wet feet in action here.

2 bootcamp images

H€ll yeah, we got bootcamp images galore! Except it’s known as S€x Boot Camp McG Styles here and the drill is performed while nekkid 😛 .

Educate yourself about our S€x Boot Camp here.

3 энди яблонски

Really? Are you trying to puzzle me, an Eastern European, with Cyrillic? Bwahaha!! The “Andy Yablonski” you searched comes here for your pleasure 😀 !

Read about Dr Andy’s recent case here.

4 fucup multiples

Ha! Let me give you examples. One FUCUP multiplied by another FUCUP equals two FUCUPs. One FUCUP multiplied by the handsome McDevil equals zero FUCUPs. Coz the FUCUP dies by org@sm 😈 .

See also definition of “sl.tpile” here.

5 how to train yourself to endure torture

Tee hee, there’s plenty of torture practice here! Just clicking the homepage can give you a twitch in your lady parts and viewing the posts can make your panties scream obscenities at no one in particular 😯 .

For more torture workout click here.

6 what is your chosen epitaph

Oh, it would be something like: “I saw, I came, I exploded.” You say the coming was originally before the seeing? Not in this case 😎 !

For my chosen headstone look here.


4 thoughts on “Post of the Week: FUCUP Multiples & Co

    1. I’m sure that that’s exactly what happened if the searchers were ladies with half an eye. They surrendered their panties to the handsome devil and were assimilated. RIP.


  1. 2 – we haven’t seen Steve doing the “frisking work” a lot, have we?
    I volunteer *throws hands up multiple times, and waving from side to side* 😉 !
    This is so hilarious I have to agree, all the AOL pages are torture, some more, some less! We are such strong young fangirlies, we just have to keep on trying!


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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