Post of the Week: So Very Wet Panties & Co

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. This time let’s have some fun with search terms!

Below is a choice of authentic search terms that brought people to this blog. For the sheer hilariousness and absurdity of some of them.

A huge thanks to FOYeur and Paula, whose idea in their series of posts “You Searched for Him and You Got Us” I’m shamelessly stealing inspired me here.

1 alex o’loughlin rumours

Now, this seriously offended me!! Rumours?? *snort* You’ll find only hard facts here!! Like:

  • Alex O’Loughlin is a manly masculine handsome devil man. Fact.
  • Alex O’Loughlin’s FOY weighs in at whale. HARD fact (< see what I did here? :razz:).
  • Alex O’Loughlin has pants removal issues. Fact xBL2I&B!!

The person searching this landed here.

2 alphabetical list of animals

Okay, this would be a v v long list, right? As looong as the FOY. And we do have the FOY here. So ultimately, you’ve come to the right place!! You’re welcome. But keep in mind that this is not a Wikipedia, this is a Dic(k)tionary, fine?

The person searching this landed here and here.

3 how to deal with sardonic people

Well, this is a tough one. My professional advice: sardonic people are to be dealt with sardonically. But not always!! When you deal with Sardonic Maha, tell her that she’s prettteee. Non-sardonically. When you deal with Sardonic Me, tell me that I’m a genius. Non-sardonically. Get it? So now head to the comments and do your duty! *hint hint*

Find how to deal with FUCUPs here.

4 koala dressed as a unicorn

Wut, have we been infiltrated by koalas?! 😯 Beware of koalas!! Because:

  • Koalas are me@n b@stards.
  • 1,000 people die each year by falling koalas.
  • Koalas’ staple food are rainbows and unicorns.

The person searching for this landed here.

5 post pics of yourself in uniform

Aaww, that’s flattering!! But I’m not doing it. Coz the query doesn’t specify what uniform: schoolgirl’s, maid’s, nurse’s?? And coz the person searching this could be a creepy uniform freak who would perv over me in uniform like I do over Alex O’Loughlin in uniform on the regular.

Find food for uniform McPerving here.

6 scott caan body hair

Tee hee, the less there is of Scott, the more there is of Scott’s body hair! If that makes any sense. I love me little furry creatures, like cats and Scott Caan. #justsayin

Find Alex O’Loughlin’s body hair here.

7 shot in the belly

Ugh. My professional advice: being shot in the belly is to be avoided at all costs. You’re welcome. Except if there’s Alex O’Loughlin within shooting range. In that case I advise to get yourself shot at all costs!! This is what happened to Kono in H50h 3.23 and she got the following benefits:

  • Having AOL pat her cheek lovingly.
  • Having AOL smile at her and kill her panties.
  • Having AOL instantly cure her with the power of the FOY.

The person searching for this landed here.

8 so very wet panties

Heh, you got me. If you’re a fan of hysterical humour, you’re actually likely to pee your panties here. If you’re a fan of Alex O’Loughlin, you’re likely to get your panties exploded here. And maybe wet, too. But I’m NOT insinuating anything and I also RESOLUTELY DENY that I’m using tags like “Panties Diaries” and “Death by Org@sm” here. It’s not me doing this, it’s a koala dressed as a unicorn!!

Find more about panties here.


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The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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