Post of the Week: McDanno’s Faaaces

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. This time it’s an appreciation of McDanno and their faces. When they do the same, is it the same?

Warning! Epic faaaces ahead!

Eyes.xing Face

McG’s default combat position: guns ready for perp elimination, eyes ready for panty destruction. Danno picks up the basics fast: he even imitates McFrown and McG’s eyebrow job!

Lip-Biting Face

Great job is done by both boys in this field and I couldn’t choose a favourite even if you tortured me. I’ll risk stating the obvious, but just to make sure: Dear McDanno, stop biting your own lips. There is a large number of consenting adult ladies happy to bite your lips for you.

I-Know-It-All Face

Are you sure you know it all? Then answer these: McG, why are you such a manly masculine handsome devil man even when you pull such a silly stupid ridiculous face? Danno, why is your hair having more fun in Hawaii than all the other parts of you?

Rationally-Concerned Face

Danno’s caring face says: “Chin, don’t explode on me! First, it would make a h3ll of a mess; second, it would bring about a h3ll of a paperwork.” J/k. McG’s comforting face says: “Chin, don’t die on me! But if you will, behold my faaace and die happy.” I might or might not go for the second option.

Kids-and-Dogs Face

Danno’s face turns aggressive-aggressive whenever someone approaches his Gracie or his hair. McG’s face turns into the very definition of unbearable cuteness whenever he approaches kids, dogs and other helpless creatures. (FYI, McG, I.AM.HELPLESS! But I shall prove v v helpful, if you approach me.)


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The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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