A Quickie with H50h 4.15 McChiant

See how Steve is protecting the FOY from the  FUCUPs eager to get at it? 😛

hawaii-five-0-s04e15 (115)
Double crotch. #justpointingout

8 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 4.15 McChiant

  1. I wonder why he is so protective of the foy 😉 we are from europe and from the mainland anyway, so what’s the big deal!!!!
    Wow, that chocolate brown button down looks mighty gorgeous!!! Who doesn’t like chocolate, huh 😉


    1. I’m not surprised that McG is so overprotective with the FOY! We all want it while he clearly wants to keep it to himself! Huh 😉 What, what, a chocolate button? I see no chocolate button! I suspect this might be an advertisement that WordPress puts on the blog and that I can’t see (because I’m logged in).


  2. Did i allready say, that he looks just wowie sexy in that shirt!!! Was it really the shirt or was it just his vulnerabilty that made him so HOT!!!?!!


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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