H50h 4.21 Pure Picspam


20 thoughts on “H50h 4.21 Pure Picspam

    1. Yep, I was doing okay sorta during the torture scene, I knew Steve could handle it. Loved that he didn’t say a word, kept quiet. When he was rescued, a bit confused?? Oh and what is the CIA doing there questioning him, keeping tabs on McGarrett when he leaves Oahu?? Interesting bit there!!
      And then the ending came, and I lost it. I am not much for “shipping” but Steve and Cath’s relationship had something more then romance, it had trust and a great friendship, but.. that ending.. WOW!! I cried too.
      And the credits came, and I was like, okay, now what too watch.. I was like WOW!!


      1. The torture scene was hard to take, but of course, this was not the first time (remember 2.10?), so it was not so shocking as the first time was… It was hard though. But so is Steve!

        As to Cat, I’m one of those who are very sorry to see her go. It’s true that the team got a bit crowded when Kono returned, but it’s a shame that they got rid of Cat completely. No hopes for s3xy bed scenes now 😦

        The writers seem to lose it every time an episode is set in Korea or Afghanistan or whatever: in 2.10, they forgot Kono in the jungle because they had no place in the helicopter, and in 4.21, they forgot Cat in Afghanistan… Them losers!


  1. As always Alex was Great and the goodbye between Cath and Steve broke my heart.. In a normal show the next ep would show a sad Steve but since the writers don’t follow the plot that will never happen, and don’t tell me that in the beginning they already knew that MB would leave after 2 years I don’t like to me made stupid but I guess that I’m already used to PL lies, but this was the last time. I’m going in hiatus until next season, not really interested in the last ep.
    I had already told you that I wasn’t as excited with this season like I was before.


    1. Yeah, I know, right… Writers have been drinking in the second half the season and it’s a shame. What? This wasn’t the season’s finale? Oh. I don’t follow Show too much now, but I will keep on playing with screenshots from it as long as Alex is in :-p I suspect the next season will be the last anyway.


  2. I wish the ep was more based in the story like they did in 3.20 but no they had to throw us a crime scene and for me that damaged this ep. and Uncle Joe sent the cavalry to save Steve.


    1. You’re right, I was puzzled that they threw in the crime of the week on top of the Afghanistan story. And slightly disappointed because the crime didn’t hold any interest for me 😦


  3. Beautiful pics, i have to admitt, i couldn’t get myself to watch yet, i’m sad of her leaving and i still hope it’s not for good! She has to come back and bring us “in-love-steve” like the pic on her cellphone, goofy/lovey-mcg! Just a few times, not as a regular!
    So i’m afraid to watch the last chapter if mcroll 😦


    1. I share your disappointment. I couldn’t at first believe it that Michelle is leaving, then I was angry and now I’m still upset. What a waste of a good opportunities for s3xy and goofy scenes! Ugh 😦


  4. Wow, the 3rd last pic must be the ultimate BTTF – just the pic makes me shudder with cries and sobbs!! He rocks so much!


  5. I think one can also see it’s near the end of the season, he looks tired and he has extra dark rings under his eyes, not only make-up! And he looks rather thin, imo! Also last year he looked tired and weared out in these very last eps!


      1. “fatten up a little” bwuahhhhh, never sounded this sexy!!!
        I’m happy that he already looks relaxed and hopefully he’s having loads of dinner with malia 😆


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