H50h 5.01 Pure Picspam


16 thoughts on “H50h 5.01 Pure Picspam

  1. Where is the sexy legs in wheelchair pics! Nooooo, you can´t leave out the yummiest sight on the epi? Where is Marnov? What have you done to her?!


    1. LOL!! But I don’t know what happened to McLegs! (Maybe I have them?) Somehow I ended up with no good screencaps of McLegs, and now I suspect my screencapping app is sabotaging my McPerving. Huh. Or else I’m in poor McPerving shape and must McPerv more. :-p


  2. Thanks Marnov, great picspam!
    I just loved the way the plane was over the top! I don’t care much about the plot anymore (never have actually), I love everything – as long as they put a lot of Steve in it!


    1. The pleasure is entirely mine (you can trust me on this)! :-p I’m so excited that the new season is finally here that I forgot to follow the plot. Was there plot? 😮


  3. At this point who cares about what the plot is , right?…….I”m still laughing with the first two pics and comments of you…….and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought to sit on his lap, I bet even the therapist thought it, the session ended quickly after that …….and I have a question that I think is important Steve make it clear: That FOY’s size is in rest state? 😛


    1. LOLLOL!! You made me laugh so *hard* with your question!! You naughty mind! :-p Well, I think we measure the FOY in rest state because otherwise the FOY is so large that no one yet dared to measure it. I think 😉 Also, I think that “plot” is a swear word and should not be used. Now please excuse me, I’m off to imagine sitting on McLap while nekkid. :-p


  4. we HAVE to!!!!……in honor to science, I sacrifice myself to measure it and test his effects, don’t worry about me :)……ok, now go with your imagination but be careful, you might wake up the dragon girl………..lol!


  5. ok, I have to say that as a non native english speaker, I went to look for all the meanings of plot and I would better say is a very strong word with positive and pejorative meaning and implications but I guess we all refere to the meaning of trama………now, after a few days from the premiere and putting my mind blank …..well, I can’t take out the FOY but…..I”m glad to see that Alex shines himself beyond any trama because he gives sense to everything……many of you said you watch H50 99.9% because of Alex, I wacht it 100.5% because of him……I pay the cable contract just for fridays nights now to watch Alex and I can tell you it’s the best money I spend…… 😀


    1. Wow, you did some intense research here 🙂 Of course we can’t take the FOY out, but I think Steve could take the FOY out, right? :-p

      Yep, you said it. Alex is excellent and does his work 200%… It’s cool that you pay your cable for Fridays! Í just watch online, I don’t think we could even get CBS in Europe anyway.

      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment: your love for our Alex shines from it ❤ Kudos!


      1. I don’t think we get CBS in switzerland 😦 maybe it’s also just me being a cable dinosour?;-)
        Don’t you think it takes 2 too measure that FOY,?!?! I’ll help!


        1. Yep, I don’t think we get American channels in Europe. Anyway, at least there’s the internet to watch H50 on!

          LOL, of course it’ll need more people to measure the FOY in all its glory and length, I think you girls will need me too! And I’m glad to help, because that’s as good as I am :-p


        2. Honey, if you still haven’t watched the ep 5.01, go to http://www.tvonline.cc, make an account and the 2 first episodes are free to watch of all the seasons, includying S5………..about your sincere wishes to help measure the FOY, I guess there are ” kilometers”of FOY you can take and also Marnov, jejejje!


          1. Oh, thanks for the tip! I normally download the episodes, but this will come handy too!

            Ahh *wipes brow* there are of course kilometres of the FOY to measure and enjoy…. al;fjeiodfoqie


      2. ok, firstable, let me tell you Marnov that it’s worth Steve takes out the FOY IF he puts it into……cough! cough!…..y’all know, right? 3:)…..otherwise, it’s like watching a big lollipop and can’t lick it…..:P


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