H50h 5.05 Pure Picspam


4 thoughts on “H50h 5.05 Pure Picspam

  1. Before I begin McPerving, I just need to say that I enjoyed every second of Steve’s presence in this epi….IMO, this is the best episode of S5 by now and I hope we could have a couple more….or at least 18 from the rest, jejejje.
    Now, you know what I thought with the very first scene of Steve’s bedroom?….That poor bed is so neat….sadly that “ring” is not being used and this take me to the second pic cause I volunteer to lay down and let Steve do some crouch till crotch to crotch hit…ouch!!!…..again! again!
    With the sunnies, we’ll never know what Steve was looking at or I better say what Ellie showed to him, Ja! Ellie, I catch you!…and I confirm my suspects with the smiley Steve…
    Undoubtedly, Steve has the best profile in H50 from head to toes passing by for DATASS :p….(FOY, please don’t be jealous, you got your crouching time ;)….
    I tried to be understanding that Steve behaves……like a normal young guy who met a girl for the first time, so it’s ok he looked at her b00ps, I prefer that than…….
    and finally, a dream came true, an angel fall from heaven, Steve in white T shirt…..sigh!


    1. Whew, we have a helluva McPerving here!! I approve 😀 (It’s not like you need my approval, though, right?) Agree with you on everything, especially McG’s extreme yumminess and s3xiness and all … *sigh*

      Though I’m unhappy with Show’s killing off Cath, I like Ellie because she gave us flirty Steve! How sweet 😛 And like you say, quite normal for a cute boy to be flirty around a cute girl…

      Also, great to see you around ❤ !


  2. yeah! I guess many, many of us are so unhappy, disappointed and mad about Cath “disapearence” because it’s not respectful at all to the audience and to the character (Steve) I feel Alex has worked so hard to built a very real profile of Steve …I’ve always thought he receives cold and empty words as scripts and he does his best to given them life and emotions…..so shame on writers and you who else for ruin a beautiful relationship!…….I hope that when he gets over his mourning he could give love a chance again and that could be with Ellie…..BTW, I didn’t notice I used my wordpress account for the first comment 😉


    1. Yes, as you say, it’s hard to get over Cath’s killing off because it was so sudden, illogical and not a suitably dignified good-bye to a character who’s been there from the beginning. Maybe they should have killed her character actually… Well, whatever, I can’t be helped now, so I hope Show will do better next time!

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