H50h 5.07 Pure Picspam (Part 2)


8 thoughts on “H50h 5.07 Pure Picspam (Part 2)

  1. I think that one pic in this gallery is actually Justin and another stuntguy. Happened to notice it when examining the frames closer. Justin did the lifting of perp and he hit the light in the ceiling.
    Justin also did the falls on the chair to the floor. They can´t risk Alex hitting his pretty head 😉
    How did you manage to make so few frames? I went nuts with shirtless Steve!

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    1. Ha! That’s a good point about the stunts, I didn’t realise. OK, now that you’re asking, I admit that I started doing the screencaps automatically to save time. I usually set the KM Player to capture each 15th frame, and then I select just a few of the good ones. So that’s how I managed to get so few frames! I admit I’ve found show boring and silly recently, so it’s hard for me to find not only the time but also the devotion to work on the episodes. Bad McPerv.


      1. Oy, well I can emphatize on the show been slacking this season, till 5.07. I didn´t do the captures of 5.03, because I found it so boring. I sure hope the stories pick up and get much better, cause I don´t want another 18 epis of tidious COTW. I need more fun, sexy shirtless Al to keep me entertained. That´s not too much to ask, is it?!


        1. Aw, thank you for not hating me for being a slack fan… 5.03 what? Which one was that even? My favourite time of show was the beginning of S4, then it sort of went downhill for me. With the exception of 5.07, obvi. I want fun too, that’s what I want most, I think, and I’m starting to believe that I’m too demanding! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more fun and more sexiness for the rest of S5!


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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