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˅ THIS ˅ is a compilation of the most Frequently Annoying Questions by the dear readers (#HelloReaders) for the creator (#ItsMeMarnov).


@ConfuzzledxBL2I&B asks: WTF?
[Sardonically] This one’s nagging me, too. I’ll letya know when I figure out.
[Seriously] I SERIOUSLY dunno. In RL I’m a perfectly sane respectable married woman.


@MentalBabe asks: Don’t you need to talk to a professional?
[Sardonically] A professional WHAT? Web designer? H3ll yeah! Have you got a number to give me?
[Seriously] I did talk to a professional! Well, I may have or may have not mentioned ALL my issues.


@SchizophrenicSis asks: How many people are doing this blog?
[Sardonically] Two. My smart me (the tech things) & my other smart me (the hysterical stuff).
[Seriously] Just me. Which may explain question no. 1. Also no. 4. And pretty much everything.


@DoingLife asks: Have you got a life?
[Sardonically] To share? Nope. Unless you’re McG. CALL ME, MCG!!
[Seriously] Have I got a WHAT? Is that some new swear word? Seriously.


@ThatsNotFunny asks: Will you marry me?
[Sardonically] Nope. Unless you’re McG. CALL ME, MCG!! (Have I said it before?)
[Seriously] Sorry, guys, too late! But if you’re anything like McG, we can negotiate polygamy.

TAGS: #Avoiding Answering, #It’s Ultimately All about Me, #Shameless Self-Promotion, #WTF?


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