We Are the FUCUP: You Will Be Assimilated

*Warning: The FUCUPs are like the Borg. They share a collective hive mind. They complete one another. Resistance is futile. If you are here, you already got assimilated. RIP.*

The FUCUPs stands for FOY United Cuties Urging Pantslessness. The FOY, short for the Fountain of Youth, is our pet name for the weapon of mass panties destruction that Steve McGarrett carries concealed in his pants. ˅ THIS ˅ is how we FUCUPs were made.

FUCUP Genesis

And Prettteee Maha said, let there be FUCUPs, and lo, here they *come*. The original FUCUPs were born at H50 Sardonic in spring 2011 and have since spilled to several sista sites. The *cough* apparent *cough* purpose was to recap and discuss the plot of H50. The undercover primary objective was and remains to remove the H50 BAMF’s pants. A long-term commitment is worshipping and protecting the FOY. At.all.costs.

The FOY temple is a place of worship frequented by the FUCUPs.

FUCUP Hierarchy

The FUCUPs are not a democracy but a benevolent dictatorship. Prettteee Maha is the self-appointed queen with full means and immunity.  The core consists of honorary FUCUPs, who have always been commenting on H50 Sardonic. The ranks are made up of senior / junior / infant FUCUPs, based on the length of their community service. The rest are either c.nts who watch Show for the plot, or l.sbians who do not even try to remove McG’s pants. No H8.

*Biased Language Note: L.sbians is an idiosyncratic term established at H50 Sardonic and has no relation whatsoever to a person’s sexual preference or to the gay / lesbian community.*

Blogging FUCUPs have the duty to post pretty with a thud warning and the right to distribute hugsies and s.xing favours. Commenting FUCUPs have the duty to remain respectful and the right to alskdkfjgh or stay silent. The duty of each FUCUP is to love the FOY as much as she loves her first-born kid / pet kitty / buttercream b-day cake [< delete as appropriate]. If she fails her duty, she shall be stripped. Off.her.title.

From top to bottom: Queen FUCUP. Blogging Honorary FUCUPs. Commenting Honorary FUCUPs. + #ItsMeMarnov

FUCUP Directory

  • Maha (also Mama): The FUCUP Queen. Is prettteee. We ❤ her.
  • Alicia: Too complex to be briefly characterised. Help, anyone?
  • Andr3a (FUCUP Blogazine editor-in-chief): Immortalised by her composition of “A FUCUP Blessing”. It is chanted in temples of FOY worship.
  • Andrea Briz: Smart. A lot. Actually too smart for many of us to approach. (Me including.) Friendly when dealing with dummies.
  • Ess (formerly Princess Buttercup): Has projection issues. Identifies herself with the majic table b/c she wants McG to lean over and sit on her.
  • FOYeur: Independent researcher on random Alex stuff. Has produced multiple dissertation-style intense studies on the subject.
  • Kimmer (aka Kimphin1, formerly KimmerNY): Gold coin minter. Coins FUCUPspeak words that are pure gold. We envy her funny.
  • Paula: Has OCD issues related to her McG Spot. (We all do.) Can’t be stopped from making Alex gif(t)s. (We don’t wanna stop her.)
  • Steph(aka SJ2 Junk Kicker): A criminal mind. Creator of ©Burberry McGarret fun fiction and ©Stick!Steve graphic stories.
  • Westy: The only koala that is welcome. Don’t mention TOF to her. (Seriously, Westy? No chance of whipping up some Oz patriotism in yourself for this movie? J/k.)

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16 thoughts on “FUCUPs

    1. You’re veeeryyy welcome 🙂 I hate it that I couldn’t put EVERYONE in the chart, so it’s just the select few who happen to have blogs and/or cute avis *wink* 😉


    1. Hello, another must-have honorary 😉 I must add somewhere in the post that you lot are alphabetically arranged by blog name or nick in the chart, so that you wouldn’t fight. I mean, so that you wouldn’t fight me.


  1. Hey!!! Shouldnt I be below Andrea on the blogazine? I wanna be under Andrea 😉 ;-)…….get your minds out of the gutter!


    1. Should you? Dunno, the ways of Marnov’s thoughts are inscrutable. But you’re ultimately right under Maha on the top, which is prettteee cool, right? *winking from the gutter*


  2. Just discoverd this nice place. I must say I LIKE. I’ll start at the beginning.
    The dic(k)tionary cuz it’s always fun.


    1. Hello Kiwi *waving frantically*, glad to see you and hope you’ll enjoy! Yep, the dick-tionary sure was at the beginning, if I got my anatomy lessons right. #justsayin


    1. Oh I deliberately picked a picture of a modest unmarked church – I didn’t want to offend any believers by picking, say, the Vatican’s St Peter or whatever…


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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